Performing in Mauritius: The Island Life ☼

Performing in Mauritius: The Island Life ☼

Bonjour, Comment ça va? Ça va bien ! The few French words I learnt during my stay in Mauritius☺

A beautiful destination with blue skies, palm trees, water sports, the best cocktails and amazing musicians. I had the privilege of performing for the very first time in Mauritius with The Rage Band: Rachel Appaponlay Vingta (Vocals), Henley Vingta (Lead Guitar), Greg Sarah (only 11 years old but a mean drummer), Giovanni Ayassamy (Drummer), Pierre Brabant (Bass Guitar), Jeannot Auric (Piano) and Giovani Emile (Saxophone).

I had so much fun…enjoying the different rhythms …salsa, sega sega … my very first island performance. Thank you for the fantastic experience!

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  1. clio bada says:

    hi man i lake y music verry vryyy much wish 1 day can see u singing alive wish u the best in lafe god bless uuuuuuuuuuuu and yo band &family

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